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A top ranked design award Web Hosting Search has given an award as a top ranked design and solution provider.
Nodus Awards - Evaluate This Site

We recieved this award because our site is of good quality, simple , easy to navigate site.

Seal of Excellence

Majon Prestigious award are given to outstanding web sites that rise above the rest in content, design and usability
We are proud to receive "Seal Of Excellence Award".
Thank you

Best of the web

FortuneCity strive to recognize the very best of the web with their award. FortuneCity take special care in selecting only sites that meet their vigorous standards. We are once again proud to recieve "Best of the Web" award.
Thank You FortuneCity.

Design Award reviews sites for their award, based upon the content, graphics, the purpose of the page, and the experience of the page writer.
We are proud to receive the "Market-tek Design Award".
Thank You Market-tek.

News Worthy

News Worthy searches the net for the hottest newest coolest web sites, and only the hottest newest and coolest web sites will win the award!
we are so delighted to receive "eNetwire News worthy" award.
Thank You eNetwire.

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CEO, Asoft Technologies quotes: "Time Table Management System is a cost effective and time effective solution being designed encompassing various universities, colleges and schools for generation of Time Table ever made till date an Online Solution. The project is under development phase and is soon going to be released". trust seal business seal

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