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Our Products are:

Network Simulator: We design Simulators for research Projects one such simulator is Deadlock Simulator. Regardless of the number of systems 100 and above, practical implementations proves to be costlier, sometimes it may be so expensive that testing your ideas is practically is not affordable or you does not want to risk yourself. Asoft network simulator PC based solution for networks of any type.

Our network simulator offers you features like distribution of resources, deadlock handling in a shared environment, executing a job in other machines and transferring the result back to the previous machine. Client Server implementation in the network and many more features.

Billing:  Billing is an online application which can be used by any business men; it generates the Invoice for any business in less time. It manages customer’s data and defines various levels of access control to the application. User can generate and print the invoice based upon the products purchased by the customer. It can be used by large and small organizations.

Technologies used are 2.0 and SQL Server 2008.
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Customer Subscription: Customer Subscription is a user friendly and online application which can be used by business men for their business for customer subscription. It maintains user subscription automatically notifies whenever a user is added to a subscription it also intimates to the customer by sending an email, before subscription expiry date and it also indicates if account is disabled due to expiration. This application can be used for maintaining newspaper subscriptions, magazine subscription or any kind of online subscription.

Application can be customized based on client’s requirement. It offers additional features like online payment through customer subscription management system can be included.

AutoFiller: Auto filler is windows based application which automatically fills up the form or any form filling application.

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Time Table Management System: TTMS is a time table maker for Degree programs. This is an online application which helps Colleges to generate timetable in less amount of time it is a cost effective and user friendly application.

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Transport Management System: An online solution for ticket booking for Travels and transport businesses.
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